Decision on the complaint
The decision on the complaint is true with respect to the final consumer in accordance with the company law GLADORK sro by their legal representative (hereinafter "Seller"), which is next to the final consumer only party in procedural defects. The decision is made on the basis of an assessment by a service technician or an authorized service center.
As part of its decision on the complaint, the seller is particularly notice the following facts:
- Source of the goods defect or if the defect was striking in determining
- Whether it is a lack, to which the guarantee applies ( "warranty repair"), or if it is no such defect ( "Except warranty repair")
- (Proposed) defect way
- More likely repair price for the removal of defects, if there would be an addition to guarantee Lies Tung repair (this should already have been found and this is not changed, it is no longer given). The actual repair price may differ from the probable repair price by more than 10% and the final consumer agrees to this already.
The deadline for completion of the warranty claim within the meaning of the arrangement: "The complaint, including the corrective action without undue delay, but no later than within 30 days from the date of enforcement of the complaint to make, unless the seller has to the final consumer by consensus a longer period agreed. "- extended in justified cases, to 90 days.
Run and length of the warranty period
The warranty period starts from the date of acceptance of the goods by the final consumer. The statutory warranty period is 24 months. The warranty period is inhibited by the assertion of the warranty, as from the time when the guarantee was invoked to take over the goods until such time, was where the final consumer is committed. Should the complaint be unjustified (the defect was not caused by hitting or the final consumer, etc.), it is not to inhibit the warranty period due to the duration of the repair. In accordance with this provision: "It should not involve goods which spoil quickly or to second-hand goods, the seller of defects which are strikingly at odds with the contract after taking over as part of the warranty period shall be liable (warranty). The warranty does not cover wear and tear in a row normal use. For discounted goods, the warranty does not apply to defects for which a discount was granted. "
Warranty Repair - Warranty
Should the guarantee repairs are carried out, is by handing over the goods to the final consumer by the warranty repair the original, inhibited by the warranty repair, warranty period continued. The warranty relating to the repair (work) only refers to the implementation of the guarantee and thus is not the original warranty assimilated.
Take delivery of the product and Zugehörs for repair deadlines
The final consumer has the right to make the complaint by sending the product to the seat of the company GLADORK asserted.
The end consumer will present at the submission of warranty, the following documents together with the product / Sent:
- Invoice (or he has some other way to prove the conclusion of the contract)
- Defective goods including sämtlichem Zugehör.
- Goods will only receive properly cleaned for hygienic reasons for repair.
The final consumer has the defects description is mandatory to carry out in the enforcement of the shortcomings possibly how the shortage affects and which guarantee right that he is asserting.
The shortage is without undue delay to eliminate within 30 days from the date of enforcement of the warranty or to fulfill the notification of defects within this period, unless the vendor is the final consumer on a longer period. After this period, the end consumer come to the same rights as if it would be a not beseitigbaren deficiency.
Unjustified complaint
The seller or the service body is entitled to refer to the alleged under warranty defects in the product or the accessory to be unjustified. The warranty does not cover in particular the following cases:
- Defects caused by improper use of (a standing in contradiction with the instructions for use), not sparing use, improper storage, operation in hostile environment, using a currency other than the approved by the manufacturer accessories, natural disasters or higher power.
- By the end consumer caused mechanical damage
- Lack based on incorrect use in its use
- The shortage resulted from normal wear and tear
- Failure to comply with proper use and maintenance of the product
- Improper repair
- Goods not meet the specified and enumerated in this Mängelrügeordnung or a legislative conditions for submission of warranty for any other reason.
Complaints IZM carried out repair
If the final consumer make the quality of carried out repair of the product, which he has already taken, in question, it is necessary to look at this as a new repair Reparaturmängelrüge while respecting the need for the completion of the complaint periods. Such repair can be considered the next, are from the perspective of multiple repairs and from the perspective of the resignation of the final consumer from the contract, considered (when it is classified by the service center as a warranty repair).
Rescission of the final consumer from the contract or replacement of the product
The final consumer is entitled to require the replacement of the product or to cancel the contract in the following cases:
a) If the deadline has not been met concerning assertion of a complaint, which is judged to be a warranty case - see point 4 of this Complaints Procedure
b) If the final consumer can use the product for reasons repetitive defects not properly (the defect was already eliminated 2x during a warranty period) or for reasons of greater deficiencies number (at least three defects at once)
c) If a deficiency is not beseitigbarer beating, which prevents the product usage and is beating within the warranty period.
The final consumer is not entitled to rescind the contract and is not entitled to require the exchange when he would desire in the assertion of warranty services, giving rise to such a right, the seller or at an authorized service center, the product repair, unless it would be a not beseitigbaren defect which prevents the proper use of the goods.
In the exercise of the right to withdraw from the contract or the right to the replacement of the goods due to the impossibility of an ordinary use of the product or due to repeated deficiencies of the final consumer is obliged to present evidence from which has been made that earlier claimed by the final consumer made defects under warranty have been made or asserted eliminated.
If the final consumer to rescind the contract or make the exchange of goods subject, he is obliged, without unnecessary delay after assertion of the right to the seller to return the goods and subject to the following conditions:
Goods is complete, ie incl. All accessories
Goods must not be damaged (unless such damage due to withdrawal from the contract)
Goods must not be more worn than usual (taking into account the useful life).
In the case of non-fulfillment of the obligation to goods Please return the final consumer is liable to the seller for the damage, which the seller is entitled this demand to fulfill its obligation the purchase price paid, in case of withdrawal from the contract to repay. In the case of the assertion of the right to exchange the seller is entitled to deliver the new goods are not as long as the final consumer does not have any damage.
Exchange and payment (doplatek)
In the event of a legal claim of the final consumer in exchange the goods or to withdraw from the contract, that is, Retournierung the payment, the selling party in this regard is only consider goods which has bought the final consumer by the seller. In the case of contract cancellation, the seller is obliged to end consumer refund the purchase price paid without unnecessary delay after Retourneirung the goods. In the case of the assertion of the right to exchange the goods, the seller is committed to delivering new end consumer goods without unnecessary delay after Retournierung goods already delivered. To the extent possible, the original goods trade for goods of the same type. Should the exchange in exceptional cases is not possible, the final consumer is entitled to rescind the purchase contract. If the final consumer does not make in such a case his legal right of withdrawal from contract claims, the seller can offer the end consumer because of his express wish an alternative product or an alternative product type. If the chosen alternative goods will be cheaper than the original goods and the final consumers have specifically requested, instead of returning the purchase price to obtain an alternative goods, the seller is the ultimate consumer does not return the purchase price difference. If the chosen alternative goods to be more expensive, the final consumer will pay extra the price difference.
Accordance with the purchase agreement
The seller is liable to the end consumer that the goods at the takeover by the end user comply with the agreement, in particular that it has no defects. If the goods on the acquisition by the final consumer to the contract do not comply (hereinafter "contract contradiction"), the final consumer has a right to have the seller the goods the contract transferred free of charge and without undue delay in an appropriate condition, corresponding to the requirements of the final consumer goods to exchange or repair. Should such a procedure be impossible, the final consumer may require an appropriate reduction of the price of goods or demand to rescind the contract. This does not apply if the ultimate consumer prior to the acquisition of the contract knew or conflict caused the contract contradict themselves. In contract contradictions which are hitting within six months from the date of receipt of goods, it is assumed that these already existed at the time the goods are taken over, if it is contrary to the nature of goods and this assumption is not refuted.
Agreement with the buyer
The arrangement of this Article shall apply only if the final users of consents in any way:
A / If the alleged deficiency in the examination by the Seller shall not be hitting and not a defect be determined by the seller, on which the guarantee on quality does not apply (except for warranty repair) or the actual cost of repairs the likely repair costs by more than 10 % exceed and want the ultimate consumer does not remedy the defect or not notify the seller shall deliver its opinion by the agreed deadline and the seller should make the repair, the ultimate consumer obliged to wear associated with the lack of determination of cost, ie ............ And the seller to the final consumer to return the unrepaired goods. Until the date of replacement of the deficiency associated with finding cost the seller to repair the goods has compared to the ultimate consumer relating to a right of retention. If the final consumer associated with the deficiency determination costs within three months of notification by the seller (it decides the date of despatch of communication - SMS, letter, e-mail) does not replace, the seller is entitled these goods for sale and the proceeds to use to cover the cost of ascertaining the defect and to cover the related costs to sell goods.
B / The deadline for completion of the warranty claim within the meaning of the arrangement: "The complaint, including the corrective action without undue delay, however, make no later than within 30 days from the date of enforcement of the complaint, unless the seller has in agreement with the final consumer a longer period has been agreed. "- extended in justified cases, to 90 days.
C / If it should show in the examination of the defect that it is an out of warranty repair or should occur in making the out of warranty repair of the event that the actual cost of the removal of defects originally probable costs exceed by more than 10%, the Seller that fact show the end consumer, namely including information acc. Punk 1 this complaints Procedure. The final consumer is obliged to determine without undue delay after receipt of such notice by electronic mail in detail whether he wants the removal of defects under the conditions stated or not. If the final consumer in the case of increased cost of warranty repairs Besides its opinion on this subject innerhalt three days not give from receipt, the seller is entitled to repair not make.
Should there be an addition to warranty repairs and agree to the final consumer of the paid repair, the complaint protokoll is held together with the written notice of the final consumer (the preceding paragraph in accordance with) concerning the contract for an out of warranty repair. The contracting parties have expressly agreed that the lack of a cure period except for warranty repair in such cases is 90 calendar days, unless it has been otherwise agreed.
This regulation approves the final consumer to by the signing of a corresponding contractual agreement or by signing this Complaints Procedure.


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